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By contrast, I started the experiment in hot water, with what I hoped would be the same effect. The hot water cones opened and closed at the same rate. The two experiments, conducted within the same time frame, are a direct refutation of the longstanding theory that cold temperatures cause pine cones to open or close more quickly than warm temperatures. Let’s have a bit more fun with these results. In the first experiment, I ran three different temperature treatments (cold, hot and the control). After twenty minutes, I took pictures of the cones and used a stopwatch to time how quickly they opened and closed. As the photos show, the hot water treatment produced similar rates of opening and closing as the cold water treatment, but much slower than the control. What does this mean? It means we have a new test for cold-temperature-induced vasodilation! In my experiment, warm water produced the same rate of pine cone opening and closing as a control (or no treatment), which is a direct refutation of the theory that cold temperature causes pine cones to open more quickly. There is one last test I conducted in which I controlled for wind, weather, time of day, and the period of time between night-time cooling and the start of the experiment. This last control tested whether cold temperatures caused pine cones to open more quickly than warm temperatures. There was no difference between the opening and closing times of the cold and warm water treatment. In the pine cones, there was no way for the cold temperature to cause the cones to open or close faster. Conclusion The science of what we call vasodilation is pretty complicated, so the conclusions of this study are likely specific to a few select species, and possibly to just these specific species’ responses to cold temperatures. However, I’ve conducted this experiment on a few other species, and the results have been consistent. There are additional factors that might be involved in pine cone vasodilation, such as calcium ions, hormones, and CO2, but I’ve tested them all and gotten the same result. The conformation of the vasodilating mechanism is important, but it’s not the most important factor. It’s also possible that many animals might respond differently to cold temperatures than to the pine cones that I tested. But the fact is, there is no scientific evidence that bears out the long-held belief that cold temperatures cause pine cones to open more quickly than warm temperatures.Zygosis



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